Mental Health Practice Questions

If you have questions about mental health practice in California, please feel free to post them here. Chances are that other people have the same question, so don’t be shy. You can post your questions as comments to this website, or you can email me directly at

This website is intended to be a source of general information for practitioners in both law and mental health. Please feel free to email with questions about topics you think are pertinent and useful to practitioners. If it has broad appeal, look for an answer containing general information to be posted on this website. Because this website is designed to be a source of general information, it is not the best place to ask questions that require an immediate response.

This website is maintained for mental health professionals as a source of information about mental health law, specifically as it pertains to practice in California. It’s important to remember that this website focuses on California law, because much of the law that applies to mental health practice is state-specific. It is true that there are many similarities between the laws of the various states, but the details can be very different and make a world of difference in the practical application of the law.

VERY IMPORTANT: This blog is for basic information only. Nothing in this blog should be construed to be formal legal advice, nor does it create an attorney-client relationship. If you are intending to use as legal advice the information you receive from this (or any other) general information website, please take this tip: don’t. The advice you receive from talking with your attorney about your specific situation may be different; the details are very important.