Services Provided

An Attorney For Your Practice

If you have clicked here, chances are that you are curious about what I do….

What I do:

As this website implies, one aspect of my law practice involves providing legal services to health professionals.  Mental health professionals typically have a range of legal questions to which there are no easy answers.  Sometimes these questions concern the business-related aspects of practice, such as forming a business, hiring other people, or contracts.

Other times these questions involve discipline-specific questions, such as how to manage confidentiality and lower liabilities, how to avoid/respond to a licensing or lawsuit complaint, or what to do after receiving a letter from an attorney.

How I Can Help:

My job is to provide fast and reliable answers.  When confronted with a legal question, most practitioners spend hours trying to figure out the answer, often asking colleagues who are not confident that they know, either.  Most practitioners have frequently heard the following refrain from their colleagues: “I’m not a lawyer so I’m not sure about this, but….”

I serve as an on-call attorney for practitioners and clinics throughout California on a variety of matters relating to standards of practice, law/ethics, as well as matters of state and federal law.  My clients reach me via phone,  email, or in-person when the need arises.  When my clients have a law-related question, rather than scour the internet or canvas their local colleagues, they simply call me and get the answer.  I also frequently represent my clients in more complicated matters, such as in lawsuits or through the provision of more involved legal advice.  Where appropriate, I work with other attorneys and have the ability to expand my operations.

How It Works:

If you have a question and wish to join the client list, simply contact me to set up an initial consultation.  The easiest ways to contact me are by phone at 415-350-0106, or via email at  I look forward to hearing from you.